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Registration error with a new license

Purchased a new license and being told you have to renew?

If you purchased your license and went to the Registration Screen only to find a screen telling you to renew, we’re sorry about that! Fortunately, it’s only happened to a handful of folks, but as of the 2.9 release we pushed a fix which should help.

Renewal screen in the Stark plugin

If you’ve come across this screen, navigate to: Plugins > Stark > Support > Refresh Stark Subscription

Once you do that you should see a toast notification on the bottom of your screen saying you can go ahead and navigate back to Plugins > Stark > Registration and plug your license ID in. And ta-da! Everything should be smooth sailing from here.

If not, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or by clicking the support messenger right here on our page.

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