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Using the Colorblind Simulation

View your entire design in a variety of different types of colorblindness to properly test

So you’re at the point where you need to see how your design looks for a variety of different types of colorblindness? We’re glad you’ve reached that step!

Running the simulator

Whether in Sketch or Adobe XD, you can access the simulator in two ways:

  1. Click on Plugins > Stark > Colorblind Simulator
  2. Select your artboard and hit Shift + Cmd + U on Mac or Shift + Ctrl + U on Windows.

Choose the type of colorblindness

Once you run it, select the type of colorblindness you want to simulate and how much you’d like to zoom.

Colorblind simulation screen in the Stark plugin

Getting a clear view

Want a better view of the entire design? Once you’ve zoomed in, hover over the image window and scroll around to get a better look at all areas of your design.

Satisfied with the way it looks? Go ahead, hit done, and keep on designing!

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