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Sometimes technology gets wonky, and copy isn’t clear. This is your one-stop-shop for all Stark related questions.

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Purchased Pro but it's showing as Free

How to get back to your Pro features

Oh no! We understand why you'd want to anxiously get back to PRO, so let's get this sorted for you. If Stark's plugin, or your account in general, is stating that you're on a Free plan, but you know you're a PRO, that could be because:

  1. The payment for your subscription couldn’t go through
  2. You haven't signed in to the plugin

Read on to see which applies to you and how you can rectify it.

Your payment couldn't go through

Stark subscriptions are renewed automatically on a monthly or annual basis unless you cancel them in the Billing section of your account.

However, sometimes banks prevent a payment from going through for various reasons. And realistically, sometimes technology and credit cards go awry.

If you purchased a subscription, failure of subscription key will happen if there was a technological error, the payment from that particular card failed, or there was a CVC check and nothing went through.

When either of those occurs, we try for 3 more days and if nothing changes or goes through, then we completely revoke the subscription until you update it. Stripe will send you an email confirming that fact and informing you that no payment was charged.

From there, you'll need to try to re-purchase. Reach out to us via email, and we can let you know what's going on!

Signing in to the plugin

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You've upgraded to PRO—yay! Time to get back to designing, right? Well, there's actually one step you might have overlooked.

Before you can start using PRO features and tools, you'll need to check that you're signed in to your plugin. While in your design tool, navigate to the Plugins menu > Stark > Registration and check if you're signed in.

If you're not, follow this guide, Logging into plugins with your Stark account, and see if that unlocks PRO.

If you've logged in, your account is listed as PRO, but you still don't have access to PRO features and tools, please reach out to us at

Something still not working? Please reach out to us at and we'll dive into what's going on.