Introducing the all-new stark suite

Super­charge Access­ibility

Tired of manually checking spreadsheets, messy handovers, and expensive retrofitting? Stark connects the tools you and your team already use in a streamlined end-to-end accessibility workflow you actually love.

Stylized illustration showing Stark customers floating around the Contrast Checker tool

Introducing Sidekick
Your new AI-powered accessibility
assistant in Stark

Designing with accessibility in mind just got ten times faster. Automatically scan your Figma or Sketch files and, in only seconds, you’ll get suggestions for how to fix the accessibility issues in your design – no prior knowledge needed!

Preview image for the 'Meet the Stark Suite' video. Shows the Stark for Mac app with the main menu of the Stark plugin floating next to it on the left.
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Speed up your accessibility
workflow from months to minutes

More than 40,000 designers, developers, product managers, and accessibility experts from over 25,000+ companies use Stark’s suite of integrated accessibility tools in their daily product development cycle. Join them today!

Meet your new superpower

Create and test accessible designs in record time

Whether you’re building a website, online shop, mobile app, or SaaS product, Stark gives every designer, engineer, PM, and QA expert the manual and automated tools to make it accessible with ease.

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A website about plants that is overlayed with Stark annotations showing Accessibility issues to address.
The Stark main menu listing Contrast, Typography, Alt-Text, Touch Targets, Focus Order, landmarks, and Vision Simulator as available tools.The Stark Contrast Checker tool showing white and red colors failing to meet AAA WCAG standards with a selection of suggested colors shown at the bottom.

Your team’s accessibility Toolbox

Everything you need, right where you need it

From Contrast Checker with Color Suggestions over Alt-Text Annotations to Focus Order and more, Stark offers the fully integrated and automated tools to help you and your team design, build and test software that meets the latest accessibility standards right in your design app and browser of choice.

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Train on the job

Learn as you go

Stark is your accessibility sidekick. Learn best practices on the fly and get tips on how to fix any issues we find. We’ll take you from novice to expert while doing the heavy lifting in the background.

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The Stark Alt-Text creator showing instructions for when to add Alt-Text as well as two created annotations: one with the text written and another showing as decorative.The Stark Alt-Text creator showing the image should have decorative alt-text.
The Stark Typography analyzer showing font details for a design component with options to remedy it by increasing the size.A HTML code snippet with a paragraph having 10px font size with the content saying 'Accessibility'.

Live Preview

Accessibility easy as 1, 2, 3

Stark simplifies and accelerates collaboration on accessibility issues between designers and developers. With Stark for your browser you can not only test and check for accessibility issues but apply color suggestions or typography improvements with Live Preview with a click.

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It takes a village

Join the Stark community

Connect with a global community of experts from all industries and stay up to date with the largest collection of accessibility resources on the internet.

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Group of Stark users clustered in a circle with teal, yellow, and coral colored circles surrounding them.

Loved by the community,
trusted by 25,000+ companies

Emily Ching,
Head of Design at Making Co

“Stark is my favorite plugin for Figma! I use it daily.”

So, you’re ready to get started and supercharge accessiblity?

Step 1

Start with a free account

Wherever you are in your accessibility journey, we believe you should have access to the best tools.

Step 2

Download and install Stark

Download and install our plugins for Figma, Sketch, as well as our browser extensions.

Step 3

Go Pro when you’re ready

From Alt-Text and Typography to Touch Targets and Suggestions, there’s much more you can do with a Pro account.

Come for the features,
stay for the magic

The Stark Contrast Checker showing white and red colors failing AAA WCAG standards and showing two rows of passing suggested colors at the bottom.

Contrast Checker + Color Suggestions

Two bounding boxes connected with a line and annotated with the numbers 1 and 2 showing the intended order of focus.

Focus Order


A website about plants annotated with the Stark Landmarks feature highlighting the header navigation, main content of the site, and a section of bestsellers.

Vision Simulator + Generator

The same photo of a living room covered in plants with a mirror on the wall and an orange chair to the right is shown in the various colorblind simulations that Stark offers including Protanopia, Tritanopia, Achromatopsia and more.
Stark's Touch Target tool showing a layer not meeting Web Mobile, iOS, or Android standards for touch target height.

Touch Targets

Stark's logo surrounded by design tools (Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch) and web browsers (Chrome, Edge, and Brave).
Stark logo

Works in your design Tool and browser

In-App Education

Stark's Alt-Text feature highlighting that the supplied alt text is an example of keyword stuffing which actually hurts your SEO and is a bad experience for screen readers.
Stark's Alt-Text feature with numerous layers annotated showing examples of written, decorative and incorrect alt text.

Alt-Text Annotations

Live preview in browser

A plants website is shown with Stark's live preview feature allowing a user to directly change a color right in the browser.
Stark's Typography feature showing a layer with text size that is too small at 10px with the option to increase it.


Three illustrated faces (a bald man with a moustache, a person with blond hair, and a woman with curly hair) are shown connected with lines in front of a cloud with the word SSO above them.

SSO + Team Account Management

Beautifully simple, lightning fast

A grid of all the different features offered within Stark, including Contrast, Alt-Text, Vision Simulator, and more.