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Opening Links in New Browser Windows and Tabs

Carefully examine the user’s context, task at hand, and next steps when deciding whether to open links to documents and external sites in the same or a new browser tab.


Software & Tools


In many ways, Editoria11y is a stopgap solution. Most of the mistakes it catches were made because we placed new expectations on content authors ('tag your content with good structure'), but gave them tools that encouraged the opposite. The path forward is to make accessible content creation easier, and as automatic as possible.


Manuel Matuzovic Blog

Follow Manuel's blog for any front-end accessibility guides, tutorials, and resources.



The 2020 State of Digital Accessibility Report The Education Sector

This report is designed to be read as a companion to the 2020 State of Digital Accessibility Report (SODAR), published by Level Access in collaboration with G3ict and IAAP.


Design Patterns

Heading structures are tables of contents

The heading structure of a web page is like its table of contents. It gives people who can’t see your page a way to navigate it without reading everything.



Accessibility for teams

Making your site more accessible can be a daunting task. If you are approaching accessibility for the first time, the sheer breadth of the topic can leave you wondering where to start.


Courses & Certificates

Digital Accessibility

This course will help you to understand how those with sensory, physical and cognitive impairments may be disabled by barriers encountered when using digital technologies. The course will highlight how the use of accessible and inclusive design can help overcome many of these difficulties.

Courses & Certificates

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Accessibility

edx In this introductory course, learn how to measure an organization’s ICT accessibility and assess the importance of maintaining an inclusive workplace for both employees and customers with disabilities.


Screen Reader

Screen Reader Keyboard Shortcuts and Gestures

List of screen reader keyboard shortcuts and gestures.


Contrast Checker

Color Contrast Checker

Evaluating your design for color contrast is a critical aspect of accessibility testing and organizations may benefit from appropriate user experience training and expertise to ensure proper contrast.



Applied Accessibility: Practical Tips for Creating more Accessible Front-Ends

As front-end developers, we are tasked with building the front end of a Web site or application — in other words, we are building the user’s end of an interface. This is why it is crucial that we ensure that the front-end foundations that we build are as inclusive of and accessible to as many users as possible.



Web Axe

Blog and podcast on web accessibility

Developer Tools

Accessible Components

Listing of accessible components & patterns.


Curated List

Web Accessible Code Libraries and Design Patterns

Within a web development organization, it’s ideal to maintain (and enforce usage of) design patterns and a components library. And they should work together; design patterns create consistency among visual elements across projects and the components library creates consistent implementation of those patterns during development.

Developer Tools

The Accessibility of Styled Form Controls

A repository of styled and "styled" form control elements and markup patterns, and how they are announced by screen readers.


Design Patterns

Patterns – GOV.UK Design System

gov-uk Patterns are best practice design solutions for specific user-focused tasks and page types.


Design Patterns

Components – GOV.UK Design System

Components are reusable parts of the user interface that have been made to support a variety of applications.



Smashing Newsletter: Issue #289 —Useful libraries and case studies to get Accessibility just right

Building accessible pages and applications isn’t easy. We have to keep in mind how our sites and applications work with a keyboard alone, whether navigation landmarks are properly assigned, how updates are announced by a screen reader, and whether we avoid any inaccessible libraries or third-party scripts. And then, for every component we are building, we need to ensure that we keep them accessible over time.



HBO Max adds key accessibility feature for visually impaired users

The service now offers audio descriptions for content, which describes what is happening on the screen beyond the dialog and sound effects. This feature is joined by multiple other changes intended to improve accessibility.


Cognitive Biases

Pocket Biases

Keep your friends close and your cognitive biases closer.

Cognitive Biases

Psychology of Design: 101 Cognitive Biases & Principles That Affect Your UX

growth-design Improve your user experience, you need to understand the biases & heuristics affecting those four decision-cycle steps.



Designing for Global Users

How does the World Service go about designing and delivering to 40 million users a week in 40 languages?


Cognitive Biases

52 UX Cards to Discover Cognitive Biases

Cognitive biases are psychological thought mechanisms and tendencies that cause the human brain to draw incorrect conclusions.


Accessibility Personas

Four personas to help you create accessible digital services

These four personas capture a variety of reasons why accessibility is a consideration in the first place. There are millions of people in the world who have special needs when it comes to digital services.


Accessibility Personas

Diverse Abilities and Barriers

How people with disabilities use the web.


Inclusive Design Generators

Home Office Posters

Home Office repository of posters covering different topics - research, access needs, accessibility and design.



Microsoft Inclusive Design Resources

Practice new skills, develop new concepts, or create a prototype—the toolkit is made to be retrofitted to your design team’s goals. Download everything here, and start exploring!


Inclusive Design Generators

Empathy maker

Generate inclusive personas to see unique disabilities and physical contexts.


Inclusive Design Generators

Cards for Humanity

A practical tool for inclusive design.



Create and verify PDF accessibility, Acrobat Pro

Acrobat tools make it easy to create accessible PDFs and check the accessibility of existing PDFs.



EPUB Accessibility

This document specifies content conformance requirements for verifying the accessibility of EPUB Publications. It also specifies accessibility metadata requirements for the discoverability of EPUB Publications.


Design Systems

Atlassian Design System

Use Atlassian’s end-to-end design language to create simple, intuitive and beautiful experiences.


Design Patterns

The Guardian Digital Design Style Guide

The Guardian's design patterns explained.



Museum, Arts and Culture Access Consortium

MAC is an organization striving toward increasing access to NYC’s cultural institutions for the disability community through connection, education, and advocacy.


Design Systems


BBC and UX&D Design System that focuses on every day's stuff that makes things special, as well as the stuff that makes things happen.


Design Patterns

The Component Gallery

Designed to be a reference for anyone building component-based user interfaces, is an up-to-date repository of interface components based on examples from the world of design systems.



There's no such thing as a website or web app that doesn't need to be accessible

In many countries around the world, accessibility is a legal requirement. It’s quite literally your job—your professional obligation—to build website and web apps that are accessible.



5 Ways to Make Your Communications More Inclusive

Communication is one area where you can make a real difference in how connected and involved everyone in your organisation feels. Our communications, internal and external, are incredibly visible. As a result, they can come to define your organisation’s culture and so must communicate your approach to inclusivity too.



Start using inclusive language with your team and customers

Inclusive language impacts almost every aspect of a business: attracting and retaining customers, hiring and keeping talented people, increasing productivity, and driving innovation. To get started, you need to understand why inclusive language matters, and how companies use it. You must also develop tactics to get your team to embrace it.


Curated List

Svetlana’s Accessibility Advent Calendar 2020

Accessibility is a very huge and ever changing field with many different specializations. So it’s not possible to share all information in one article. The goal of this article is to help you better understand how accessibility benefits both your business and customers and why it is important to take action on making accessibility part of your daily business activities.