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Ready. Set. Accessible Code.

Stark makes the handoff from designer to developer seamless, and accelerates the implementation of accessible code. Advanced dev tools and continuous accessibility integrations in GitHub ensure an end-to-end accessibility workflow your team actually loves – fully private and secure.

Stark's WCAG Audit for a webpage showing a score and numerous issues to fix.
Stark's WCAG Audit shown over numerous illustrations

Advanced dev tooling that takes your accessibility up a notch

Whether you’re testing on staging or production, Stark enables you to scan for accessibility issues directly in the browser. With code highlighting for issues, live preview to test fixes, and lightning fast WCAG audits, it’s a web dev powerhouse.

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Stark's Dev mode showing headlines and alt-texts with code snippets laid over a design file.

Smoothest design to developer hand-off in the business

Whether you design in Figma, Sketch, or Adobe XD, Stark takes the guesswork out of accessibility annotations. And in Figma's Dev Mode, annotations translate directly into code snippets for developers to take over. Specs never seemed so spectacular.

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Stark's reports and insights UI shown with an eCommerce shop example. Surrounding it are avatars of people commenting on the progress of their accessibility for the site.

Real-time reports and insights to keep your projects on track

Real-time accessibility reports and insights of your design files and code repos streamline collaboration across departments in one place. Managing accessibility at scale without slowing down your team’s velocity just got rocket fuel added to it.

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Numerous Stark features including Alt-Text, Vision Simulator, Sidekick, and more layed out in a fanned manner.

Come for the features, stay for the magic

Sidekick AI accessibility assistant
Browser Extension
Contrast Checker with AI suggestions
Web Dev Tools with code highlighting
Typography Checker
WCAG Audit & Report
Touch Targets Checker
Figma Dev Mode Hand-off
Alt-Text Annotations with AI suggestions
GitHub Integrations with code scanning
Landmarks Annotations
Projects with real-time Reports & Insights
Focus Order Annotations
Compliance Center
ARIA & Notes Annotations
Ticketing and PM system Integrations
Headings Annotations
And so much more ...
Vision Simulator + Generator
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Built to deliver business value, loved by the community.

Stark is the only Continuous Accessibility platform that accelerates time-to-compliance from design and code to QA and PM, and helps companies of all sizes deliver highest quality experiences for all users.

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“Accessible design made easy.”

Why Stark?

Build and ship inclusive software, accelerate time-to-compliance.

Increase Velocity

Stark is the only end-to-end platform that helps your team find and fix accessibility issues from design and code to the live product. All this, while being up to 10x faster than any other tool in the market.

Accelerate Compliance

Reports and Insights are available in real-time for every project in Stark. Plus, time-stamped historic reports are available at any time for up-to-date compliance reporting across departments.

Reduce Cost

Stark’s fully integrated solution enables fixing of accessibility issues as early as first design drafts, reducing 56% of issues that typically make it into code where remediation costs can be up 100x higher.

Mitigate Risk

The entire Stark platform and all our integrations are built with enterprise-grade security. From SSO and our fully SOC2-certified platform stack to our zero-trust policy that underpins all our tool .

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The only end-to-end solutionfrom design and code to live product

Speed up design & Dev

Plug-ins & Integrations

Meet your team where they work, from Figma and Sketch to GitHub and their browser of choice. An accessibility workflow built right into the tools they love. No need for them to switch or relearn.

Improve collaboration

Projects, Reports & Insights

Manage your team’s accessibility workflow in the Stark Web app. Monitor and manage progress with real-time reports and insights across all your projects from design to code.

Accelerate workflows

AI-powered Automation

Automated continuous scanning of design files and code repositories combined with AI-powered suggestions accelerates finding and fixing of accessibility issues in record time.

Manage at Scale

Compliance Center

Manage your company’s accessibility posture in one central hub. Assign and document individual controls based on the regulatory frameworks. Access evidence for easy auditing.

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