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Recent meetups

MARCH 11, 2021 // 12:30PM EST

Establishing your product's Focus Order

Join Alberto Orsini (Community Design Advocate) for a webinar session on how to use Focus Order to document thoughtful sequences for keyboard users navigating or tabbing through your product and best practices for bridging the handoff and educational process from designers to engineers.


JANUARY 28, 2021 // 12:30PM EST

Virtual Coffee with the Stark Team

Curious about who is building Stark and what we're up to this year? Ever wondered what our stance is on hot button topics in the world of accessibility? Or just simply looking to learn more? This one’s for you. Join us for a casual hangout, ask us any questions that cross your mind about this work, and learn how to take your work to the next level. Come hang out with coffee!


NOVEMBER 17, 2020 // 6:30PM EST

The Role of Design in Discrimination with Claudio Luis Vera

Many of us have built or designed award-winning digital experiences… but do they work for people of different abilities? Or are we building and designing only for the fully-abled, leaving others out? Join accessibility leader Claudio Luis Vera as we explore the crucial role that design plays in inclusion and independence.


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“One of my favorite things this year has been conversation with the people in the community Stark is building. Come join the Slack group - it’s seriously the best!”

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Caitlyn Mayers

Creative Director

“Cat, just a little appreciation note about how you run Stark's community. IMO it's one of the best-run content brands out there, from the tweets to the newsletter. Amazing work to you + the team!”

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Paul Mederos


“Oh, getting on this for sure! Thank you, Cat, for all you do for this community and those of us with accessibility needs.”

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Derek Torsani


Hosting and Joining Stark Meetups

What it is

Meetups are places to amplify topics

Whether it’s talking shop or educating others, this is the place where we get to speak about and amplify different important topics.


Spread knowledge and engage others

Hosting meetups has many benefits including giving our community the platform to spread the knowledge that they’ve acquired with so many others.

The Goal

Building a strong community

Our goal is to engage the community and hold a space where they can ask questions and learn about about accessibility, design, and much more.

How To Host

Get in touch with us

Want to host a meetup of your own? We’d love to hear everything you have to say. Reach out to us and we’ll get you all set up!

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We love hearing from all of you and are always looking for new ways to expand and collaborate with our community. Like what we’re up to and want to contribute? Get involved by partnering with us or contributing a resource!