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See what’s new, what’s changed, and what we’re working on here at Stark.

Introducing Stark for Mac

With Stark for Mac, you’ve got everything you need to make any software product accessible. Stark for Mac scans your Figma and Sketch files seconds after importing them, so you can find and fix accessibility issues with your contrast, typography, alt text, and more in record time.

September 27, 2022

A simplified account dashboard and improved Team subscriptions

New account dashboard 

The next time you log into Stark, you’ll notice a new dashboard that gives you a few ways to customize your experience:

  • Download and install our plugins, browser extension, the Mac app, or a combination that suits your unique needs 

  • Choose the communications and educational resources you receive to ensure you’re learning what you want

  • Upgrade your subscription, change your payment method, and manage your invoices all in one place

  • Connect with Support or visit Stark’s website from your dashboard’s side panel

Feature update for Team subscriptions 

  • Upgrade to a Team plan directly from your account without reaching out to a customer representative to set it up 

August 23, 2022

Keep your team on track with role-based accessibility checklists for Figma and FigJam

We’ve brought our beloved accessibility checklist widget in FigJam to Figma, streamlining your team’s workflow from ideation to production.

New in Stark for Figma and FigJam

  • Updated UI to match our redesigned plugins and extensions
  • Create new checklists tailored to a designer’s, engineer’s, and product manager’s expertise
  • Get educational guidance about tasks included in each checklist
  • Use sticky notes to comment on UI, share ideas, and collaborate asynchronously with members of your team

August 10, 2022

Supercharge Accessibility with the all-new Stark Suite

Our all-new Stark Suite connects the tools you and your team already use in a streamlined end-to-end accessibility workflow you'll actually love. Whether you're building a website, online shop, mobile app, or SaaS product, Stark gives every designer, engineer, PM, and QA expert the manual and automated tools to make it accessible in record time.

July 26, 2022

Welcome to the Stark side

Dark Mode in Stark for Figma, Sketch, and Chrome is here. Whether you prefer low light because it's easier on your eyes or you just think it's beautiful, Stark's new Dark Mode gives you maximum perceived contrast and legibility to support you throughout your workflow. 

New in Stark for Figma, Sketch, and Chrome 

  • Designed to work with your OS preferences
  • Provides maximum contrast and legibility 

July 6, 2022

Say 'hello' to an all-new Stark for Adobe XD

We've rolled out the updates from the latest redesign to our plugin for Adobe XD. 

Feature update in Stark for Adobe XD 

  • A redesigned sidebar where you can do your work with your design always in view. 
  • A clearer design for our Contrast Checker that lets you see color swatches, hex codes, and suggestions at a glance. 
  • A simplified UI for the Vision Simulator that makes it easier to see which simulation you've selected on the Generate tab. 

June 28, 2022

Easily access Stark via the command palette

Jumping off our big redesign from last week, we’ve finished rolling out UI changes to all our plugins. We’ve also been busy squashing some bugs and making improvements with fast follows based on your feedback.

Feature update in Stark for Figma 

Feature update in Stark for Sketch

  • Minimize the Stark menu as you do in Chrome with the 2 minimize arrows we’ve added. This makes it easier for you to move Stark out of the way if you need to take a screenshot or work on your design without distraction. 


  • Overflow scrollbars appearing on simulations in the Vision Simulator in Stark for Chrome.
  • An “Upgrade to Pro” message popping up when color suggestions are clicked in the Contrast Checker.

June 23, 2022

Introducing a fresh new design for Stark for Figma, Sketch, and Chrome

Your Stark experience just got simpler! Our biggest redesign to date introduces an all-new Stark that’s more organized, more streamlined, and even more user-friendly.

Want to learn more about this design update? Get your insider’s look here

Feature updates for Stark for Figma, Sketch, and Chrome 

  • A new tools menu that appears as soon as you open Stark to keep you organized and speed up your workflow
  • A clearer design for our Contrast Checker that lets you see color swatches, hex codes, and suggestions at a glance
  • A simplified UI for the Vision Simulator that makes it easier to see which simulation you’ve selected on the Generate tab

June 9, 2022

An update to our Vision Simulator based on community feedback

Feature update for all plugins

  • Next time you use the Vision Simulator, you’ll notice fewer simulation options that cover a wider range of vision types and allow us to generate more accurate simulations for the most severe cases of color blindness. Find out more about this latest update

May 23, 2022

Community requests come true

Feature update for all plugins 

  • We heard your feedback about the Contrast Checker, and we delivered: Open the Check Contrast window even if there’s an error with the current layer you’ve selected. This lets you choose another layer and keep working without disruption. 

Feature update in Stark for Figma 

  • The blurred vision simulation in the Vision Simulator will now apply the blur effect to the parent frame instead of each individual layer.