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More than 500,000 designers, developers and product managers at companies of all sizes have used Stark’s integrated suite of tools to make their software products more accessible and compliant. Join them and get started today!

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Baked right into Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD and Google Chrome, watch how Stark makes designing with accessibility in mind easier than ever before.

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Accessibility for everyone

While Stark today lives in your design and development software, it supports you and your team through the entire product lifecycle. And, here’s how.


Work with accessibility in mind

Stark makes it effortless to design and build accessible products from the start by providing you the right tools right where you need them: your design and dev software of choice.


Update your existing design system

Use Stark to make changes and updates to your existing components to ensure your design system meets current accessibility standards.


Get your team on board

With Stark you can show—not just tell—your team, partners and stakeholders how accessible your product is. A picture always says more than 1,000 words.


Check your product compliance

Designer, PMs and Engineers use Stark to check on UI elements and code to ensure they are accessible and meet legal requirements and standards.


All the things you can do

Inspect contrast levels in your designs with Contrast Checker

Discover AA and AAA passing color alternatives with Smart Color Suggestions

Experience your design through another's eyes with Vision Simulations

Dig deeper into your project's colors with Vision Generator

Evaluate changes on the fly with our Chrome extension

Simplify handoffs with sequences built in Focus Order


More than 500,000 designers, developers and PMs trust Stark.

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