Stark White Paper: Managing a modern accessibility posture and growing accessibility maturity at any scale

This industry white paper is a guide on how to manage a modern accessibility posture and grow accessibility maturity at any scale and to deliver results for both the business and customers alike.

Team Stark

Team Stark

Mar 07, 2024

Fanned out and overlapping 5 pages from the Stark white paper.

After two years of market and customer research, we’re thrilled to publish our first industry white paper. A huge thank you goes to our team, partners, contributors, as well as customers to help us shape what we believe is the future of how companies at any scale can and will manage digital accessibility in the future.

Accessibility is a human right. Yet companies are struggling to meet the human and regulatory accessibility needs with existing approaches. A paradigm shift for digital accessibility management is necessary to meet the demands of the market, and build fully inclusive software services for the more than 1.3 billion people with a disability.

In a world of drastically accelerating deployment of software, the only sustainable path forward is to proactively manage digital accessibility across all departments of a company.

We need a new approach to manage a company’s accessibility posture in the same transparent, real-time, and continuous way we manage privacy and security at scale. 

With this approach that has been proven to work to scale privacy and security practices in agile software development, a company will be able to accelerate time-to-compliance, time-to-market, and reduce both financial and legal risks.

The Stark white paper is available for free. Within it we capture the socio-economic macro trends, regulatory environment, and business requirements that inform the new operation we’ve developed as the basis for the Stark platform.

We encourage you all to read and share it with your teams and organizations. And please share your feedback, questions, thoughts, and experiences with us in the Stark community or via email at