Inclusive Personas and Accessible Design Prompts

Generate inclusive personas, learn how people with disabilities use the web, and design more accessible products and services with these empathy prompts, accessible personas, and design generators.


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Gov UK

ResourcesGov UK

Understanding disabilities and impairments - user profiles

A set of profiles highlighting common barriers users face when accessing digital services and tips for designing services everyone can use.

Gov UK

ResourcesGov UK

Dos and don'ts on designing for accessibility

The dos and don’ts of designing for accessibility are general guidelines, best design practices for making services accessible in government.



Four personas to help you create accessible digital services

These four personas capture a variety of reasons why accessibility is a consideration in the first place. There are millions of people in the world who have special needs when it comes to digital services.



Microsoft Inclusive Design Resources

Practice new skills, develop new concepts, or create a prototype—the toolkit is made to be retrofitted to your design team’s goals. Download everything here, and start exploring!

Empathy Maker

ResourcesEmpathy Maker

Empathy maker

Generate inclusive personas to see unique disabilities and physical contexts.



Cards for Humanity

A practical tool for inclusive design.

Ontario Toolkit

ResourcesOntario Toolkit

Inclusive Design Toolkit

Use these cards early in the design process to help you sketch, plan, prototype and design content, interactions and processes.



Stories of Web Users

How people with disabilities use the web.

The Accidental A11y

ResourcesThe Accidental A11y

Accessibility Personas

With this poster series, we hope to raise awareness of the many different kinds of invisible disability. Our hope is to elevate their stories, to build compassion for one another, to explore one of our many core beliefs.



Persona Spectrum

Why we need persona Spectrum? Something wrong?



Alphabet of Accessibility Deck

This deck helps designers and developers think about different kinds of disability and accessibility



An Alphabet of Accessibility Issues

This alphabet soup of accessibility is not a collection of personas.



Creating accessible personas

Personas are used across organisations in UX or marketing to help businesses better understand the customers they are serving. Like any deliverable, it’s important to consider the accessibility of personas so that your audience can understand and engage with them.



Accessibility Personas

The GDS Accessibility team has created 7 different accessibility personas. Each persona has different access needs.

Empathy Prompts

ResourcesEmpathy Prompts

Empathy Prompts

Prompts and ideas to help consider Inclusive Design principles when making things for others to use.

UX Collective

Blogs & ArticlesUX Collective

Creating accessibility personas

At the end of the day, personas are just one tool that teams can use to help them understand their users. Don’t forget to actually talk to your users — including those with disabilities — across the design and development stages to ensure your product and service really is a great experience for them.


Blogs & ArticlesMedium

Accessibility personas in detail

Six accessibility personas in detail that will help you design more accessible and useful products and services. You can also download a PDF version of these personas for use with your teams.


Blogs & ArticlesMedium

Personas with Disabilities

A good read about Orthogonal Personas with Disabilities. This implies that the Personas with disabilities are to be treated as if they are connected with and at a right angle to, but not integrated with, your existing personas that everyone knows and loves.