The Fundamentals: From Usability to Readability

Solidify or refresh your craft as a designer with content on typography, contrast, usability, and more.

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ResourcesBraille Institute

Atkinson Hyperlegible Font

Atkinson Hyperlegible font is named after Braille Institute founder, Robert J. Atkinson. What makes it different from traditional typography design is that it focuses on letterform distinction to increase character recognition, ultimately improving readability.


Courses & CertificatesMicrosoft

Accessibility fundamentals

Technology can empower people to achieve more, help strengthen education opportunities, and make the workplace more inviting and inclusive for people with disabilities.



Color Contrast Grid

Make a grid of accessible color combinations from your document's paint colours.


Companies & Organizations

Accessibility - Material Design

Material Accessibility in design allows users of diverse abilities to navigate, understand, and use your UI.


GuidesBruno Mag

Typographic accessibility in more detail

The three pillars of accessibility - emotional, functional and technical - can be applied to any output whether that is a product or a service. Each industry and sector will have its own specific definitions relevant to their output.



A guide to color accessibility in product design

There’s a lot of talk about accessible design, but have you ever thought about color accessibility?