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Alexa Heinrich

ChecklistsAlexa Heinrich

Social Media Accessibility Checklist

Whether you’re looking to improve your personal social media or accounts that you manage professionally, there are a lot of basic best practices you can implement to keep your content accessible.

Bri Comic

GuidesBri Comic

How To - Write Alt Text

Great examples on how to write all text.



Improving Your Tweet Accessibility

Twitter persists. Even if you have moved to Mastodon, Twitter will persist. As such, we need to continue to ensure it is accessible to all users. This post gathers some tips you can and should use.

A11y Princeton

GuidesA11y Princeton

Social Media Accessibility Guidelines

When social media content is broadly used by the University’s students, employees and/or the public to carry out or participate in its core educational and administrative activities, all available accessibility supported features of the platform should be utilized.


Blogs & ArticlesBootcamp

How to write good alt text

Writing good alt text is hard to master, but an absolutely crucial skill as a developer, designer, marketer or online writer - this is the essential tool that makes your content comprehensible and accessible to all readers, and that is its primary and most important function.

UX Collective

Blogs & ArticlesUX Collective

The art of Alt Text

The purpose of alt text is two-fold; if an image on a webpage fails to load, the alt text will indicate what the missing image was supposed to be. It's also vital for anyone who uses a screen reader or text-to-speech technology to consume digital content because the alt text is meant to accurately describe the photo out loud to the user.


Blogs & ArticlesSavvas

The problem with social media icons and how to fix it

If you have a personal website, chances are, you've put some social media icons somewhere in the site. Whether at the header next to the site name, or at the footer, before the copyright notice. And any wouldn't you want to let your visitors know where else they can find you?

Alexa Heinrich

Blogs & ArticlesAlexa Heinrich

Better ways to handle flattened copy on social media

Do your best to avoid flattened copy on any images or graphics you post online, or use the these workarounds to at least make the content inclusive for disabled users.


Blogs & ArticlesEasterseals

Emojis and Accessibility - The Dos and Don'ts of Including Emojis in Texts and Emails

If you use texts or tweets to market your business, your blog, your YouTube channel, remember that each of your tweets and texts sends a message out to your community. Approximately 300 million people in the world are visually impaired, and over 50 million of us are totally blind. Go easy on the emojis, and we'll get the messsage, too!


Blogs & ArticlesHootsuite

Inclusive Design for Social Media - Tips for Creating Accessible Channels

Inclusive design may seem like the domain of UX designers and web developers. But social media marketers should practice it, too.

Alexa Heinrich

Blogs & ArticlesAlexa Heinrich

Accessibility on Social Media

Find tips, tricks, and information on digital accessibility. These resources are by no means exhaustive, but are a good starting place for creating accessible and more inclusive social media content.

UX Collective

Blogs & ArticlesUX Collective

Emojis and accessibility - How to use them properly

Designers need to ensure that the default position of the products we design is as accessible as possible and we've considered ALL of the users as part of our basic vanilla product offering.


Blogs & ArticlesMeryl Blog

Blog about accessibility and accessible social media and marketing content.


Blogs & ArticlesLireo

10 Ways to Improve Accessibility on Websites and Social Media

Many of the tips don’t require you to know code, only to know that certain features are available on the applications you use that help make your posts and updates accessible to everyone.


Blogs & ArticlesDevYarns

Five Ways to Write Better Alt Text

It’s easy to write minimally-compliant alt text. Just stick anything at all in there and automated testing tools will be happy. But if you actually care about providing high-quality experiences for blind users (which you should), writing alt text is a lot more challenging.


Blogs & ArticlesPrototypr

9 ways to make social content accessible

You don’t need me to tell you that digital things need to be accessible (again). Accessible products and services are both a moral imperative and the law.