Your Summer Book List for Accessibility and Inclusivity

Learn more about accessibility with these noteworthy reads.

Team Stark
Collection by Team Stark



BooksProfessor Jonathan Hassell

Inclusive Design for Products

Inclusive Design for Products shows you how to embed accessibility into your software development lifecycle to turn it into a user-centred, inclusive design process that will help you efficiently deliver accessibility for all your digital products.


BooksDylan Barell

Agile Accessibility Handbook

Agile Accessibility Handbook outlines the steps organizations can take to capture this market, avoid risk, maintain agility, and close the accessibility gap.


BooksMartine Dowden

Approachable Accessibility

Understand the realities of modern web accessibility and what considerations should be made to include everyone. There are hundreds of millions of people who are being left out every single day on the web due to disability or circumstance.


BooksKatie Cunningham

Accessibility Handbook

Get practical guidelines for making your website accessible to people with disabilities.


BooksAnnie Jean-Baptiste

Building For Everyone

Establishing diverse and inclusive organizations is an economic imperative for every industry.


BooksRegine Gilbert

Inclusive Design for a Digital World - Designing with Accessibility in Mind

What is inclusive design? It is simple. It means that your product has been created with the intention of being accessible to as many different users as possible.


BooksAlice Wong

Disability Visibility

First-person stories from the twenty-first century.


BooksTrine Falbe

Ethical Design Handbook

The book by Trine Falbe, Martin Michael Frederiksen and Kim Andersen.

BooksKat Holmes


How inclusive methods can build elegant design solutions that work for all.


BooksDavid Dylan Thomas

Design for Cognitive Bias, A Book Apart

Understand the logic powering human bias and learn to start designing more consciously.