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Introductions and official certifications to help advance your knowledge set and journey to building accessible products.


Courses & Certificates

Digital Accessibility

This course will help you to understand how those with sensory, physical and cognitive impairments may be disabled by barriers encountered when using digital technologies. The course will highlight how the use of accessible and inclusive design can help overcome many of these difficulties.

Courses & Certificates

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Accessibility

edx In this introductory course, learn how to measure an organization’s ICT accessibility and assess the importance of maintaining an inclusive workplace for both employees and customers with disabilities.


Courses & Certificates

Accessibility fundamentals

Technology can empower people to achieve more, help strengthen education opportunities, and make the workplace more inviting and inclusive for people with disabilities.


Courses & Certificates

Learn Website Accessibility and Audit Your Site

Learn how to make your website applications accessible to a larger audience. Use keyboard shortcuts and navigation to help both power-users and those with disabilities. Make sure your website works well with screen readers and explore using ARIA to make even the most complex UI’s fully accessible!


Courses & Certificates

An Introduction to Accessibility and Inclusive Design

This course introduces some of the fundamental principles of accessibility and prepares learners for further study in accessibility and inclusive design.


Courses & Certificates

The A11Y Collective online courses on Web Accessibility

Whether you’re a designer, developer, product owner, webmaster or content creator, you have the power to make impact. Just enroll in our courses. Learn at home or on the go and always at your own pace.


Courses & Certificates

Udacity's Web Accessibility by Google

In this course you’ll get hands-on experience making web applications accessible. You’ll understand when and why users need accessibility.


Courses & Certificates

Foundations of Website Accessibility Course

Overwhelmed by WCAG? Learn a practical approach to accessibility guidelines.


Courses & Certificates Accessible

Learn how to provide a robust experience to your users that accounts for their context and any situational, temporary, or permanent disabilities.