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Applied Accessibility: Practical Tips for Creating more Accessible Front-Ends

As front-end developers, we are tasked with building the front end of a Web site or application — in other words, we are building the user’s end of an interface. This is why it is crucial that we ensure that the front-end foundations that we build are as inclusive of and accessible to as many users as possible.



Designing With Accessibility in Mind

Shaping the future of design is all of our responsibility and this ends and begins with consideration for people. In a world where more than a billion people are disabled, we must keep in mind making accessible products. Universal Design and User Centered design is at the heart of making products for all of our users.



Giant Robots - Accessible, Ethical, Inclusive

Cat Noone, CEO of Stark, shares an overview of accessible design, dreams for shaping a more accessible future, helming custom support with a small team, and her motivation to create.


Announcing “Access,” a Short Film About Accessibility

A short documentary about accessibility. It follows Cory Joseph through a typical day, showing how he uses his smartphone, Braille display, tactile watch, and guide dog (named Vine) to navigate the world.



Radically Inclusive

Real talks on inclusion at workplaces.



Say My Meme

Say My Meme is exactly what it sounds like: A podcast that literally describes the world's most #relevant memes, bringing the blind and sighted people together through laughter and the power of visual description. Brought to you by Will from Be My Eyes and Caroline from Scribely.


The internet is everything. But is it accessible?

The Americans with Disabilities Act turns 30 years old this summer. How far has technology come in making the world more accessible to people with disabilities?


It's the markup that matters

In this talk, I explain in just 10 minutes how HTML impacts accessibility, what Accessibility Trees are and what to expect from the Accessibility Object Model. First presented at Nextjs conference, organised by Vercel.


Using the VoiceOver Rotor to Navigate within a Page with Landmarks

Using the VoiceOver Rotor to Navigate within a Page with Landmarks

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We’re an open online community of individuals dedicated to creating an inclusive world; we believe that accessibility is for everyone.


What is ARIA Even For?

Podcast that talks about some common pitfalls of using ARIA.



Making Motion Inclusive

It’s a common misconception that things like inclusive design and accessibility only come at the cost of design details like motion, but that’s just not the case.



In Episode 201 of The Maccessibility Roundtable Podcast, our knights Discuss Apple’s “Time Flies” event.


Accessible Color Standards

Today we’re talking about color contrast! We’ll go over what the A, AA, and AAA conformance levels mean and how to ensure proper accessibility compliance for your own site. We’ll go over how to use Chrome Developer




A11ycasts is short for AccessibilityCasts (a11y is a common shortening of the term accessibility because there are 11 letters in between the ""A"" and the ""Y""). The goal of A11ycasts is to teach developers how accessibility works all the way down at the platform level, while also demonstrating real world accessibility problems and solutions to fix them


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Google Chrome Developer

Making the web more awesome, inclusive and accessible.


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Deque Systems - YouTube

Deque’s uniqueness lies in their ability to provide accessibility solutions that blend the best tools that technology can provide with extensive experience and knowledge.


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W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)

The W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) develops standards and support materials to help you understand and implement accessibility.



Rabbit Hole Podcast: Accessibility

Explore how and why you should build accessible websites.


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Inclusive Design 24

Inclusive Design 24 (#id24) is a free 24-hour online event for the global community. It celebrates inclusive design and shares knowledge and ideas from analogue to digital, from design to development, from planners to practitioners, and everything and everyone in between.