UI Kits, Icons, Typefaces, and more to help enhance accessibility efforts in your daily workflow.

Disability Language


A modern dictionary about us. We define our words, but they don't define us. Self-Defined seeks to provide more inclusive, holistic, and fluid definitions to reflect the diverse perspectives of the modern world.


Accessibility Personas

Understanding disabilities and impairments - user profiles

A set of profiles highlighting common barriers users face when accessing digital services and tips for designing services everyone can use.


Accessibility Personas

Dos and don'ts on designing for accessibility

The dos and don’ts of designing for accessibility are general guidelines, best design practices for making services accessible in government.


Curated List

A11y & Me

Here you’ll find several useful online resources related to web accessibility and a brief description on how it will help you. The list will always be concise, current and geared toward starting with accessibility or topics within it.


Curated List

50+ Web Accessibility Resources for Web Developers

There are lots of different ways to get started with accessibility, and honestly, looking at a list like what I've compiled here might be more overwhelming than it needs to be.




Learn the ABC in American Sign Language with machine learning.



Humane by Design

A resource that provides guidance for designing ethically humane digital products through patterns focused on user well-being.



Accessible Form Fields

A small figma component for accessible form fields.



Webflow accessibility

Make your Webflow sites accessible.



The 2020 State of Digital Accessibility Report The Education Sector

This report is designed to be read as a companion to the 2020 State of Digital Accessibility Report (SODAR), published by Level Access in collaboration with G3ict and IAAP.


Cognitive Biases

Pocket Biases

Keep your friends close and your cognitive biases closer.

Cognitive Biases

Psychology of Design: 101 Cognitive Biases & Principles That Affect Your UX

growth-design Improve your user experience, you need to understand the biases & heuristics affecting those four decision-cycle steps.


Cognitive Biases

52 UX Cards to Discover Cognitive Biases

Cognitive biases are psychological thought mechanisms and tendencies that cause the human brain to draw incorrect conclusions.


Accessibility Personas

Four personas to help you create accessible digital services

These four personas capture a variety of reasons why accessibility is a consideration in the first place. There are millions of people in the world who have special needs when it comes to digital services.


Accessibility Personas

Diverse Abilities and Barriers

How people with disabilities use the web.


Inclusive Design Generators

Home Office Posters

Home Office repository of posters covering different topics - research, access needs, accessibility and design.



Microsoft Inclusive Design Resources

Practice new skills, develop new concepts, or create a prototype—the toolkit is made to be retrofitted to your design team’s goals. Download everything here, and start exploring!


Inclusive Design Generators

Empathy maker

Generate inclusive personas to see unique disabilities and physical contexts.


Inclusive Design Generators

Cards for Humanity

A practical tool for inclusive design.


Design Patterns

The Component Gallery

Designed to be a reference for anyone building component-based user interfaces, is an up-to-date repository of interface components based on examples from the world of design systems.


Curated List

Svetlana’s Accessibility Advent Calendar 2020

Accessibility is a very huge and ever changing field with many different specializations. So it’s not possible to share all information in one article. The goal of this article is to help you better understand how accessibility benefits both your business and customers and why it is important to take action on making accessibility part of your daily business activities.



How to create a screen reader accessible graph like Apple's with D3.js

Creating a accessible screen reader graph with D3.js.



How to write inclusive, accessible digital products

The first goal of good UX writing is usability. Before you give digital products personality, those products need to make sense. That means the words need to work for everyone.


Inclusive Stock Images

Disabled And Here: Free stock images

This stock collection is a disability-led effort to provide free and inclusive images from our own perspective, with photos and illustrations celebrating disabled Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC).



Color Contrast Grid

Make a grid of accessible color combinations from your document's paint colours.


Developer Tools

Accessibility - Apple Developer

Apple devices come standard with award-winning accessibility features that let people experience everything Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV have to offer. And with accessibility APIs on all Apple platforms, you can make your apps seamlessly functional for a broad range of users.


Developer Tools

A Complete Guide To Accessible Front-End Components

Smashing Magazine's alphabetical list of all accessible components.

Case Study

Accessibility Design Research

A thorough case study of accessibility design for WHO (World Health Organization)



Inclusive Design Toolkit

Use these cards early in the design process to help you sketch, plan, prototype and design content, interactions and processes.



Designing for users with Aphasia

Aphasia: Language loss after stroke and other forms of brain injury.


Accessibility Personas

Stories of Web Users

How people with disabilities use the web.


Testing & Audit

How to organise an accessibility audit

An accessibility audit, which involves user testing, is the only way to make sure that disabled people can use your website. But it’s also a great tool for raising awareness of accessibility, and the need for action, within your organisation.



Overlay Fact Sheet

Overlays are a broad term for technologies aimed at improving the accessibility of a website by applying third-party source code (typically JavaScript) to make improvements to the front-end code of the website.


Accessibility Personas

Accessibility Personas

With this poster series, we hope to raise awareness of the many different kinds of invisible disability. Our hope is to elevate their stories, to build compassion for one another, to explore one of our many core beliefs.

Curated List

Accessibility Guide

A curated collection of web accessibility tips, tricks, and best practices.


Screen Reader

NVDA Keyboard Helpers

Visual keyboard layout of majority of the commands for NVDA screenreader software.



Keeping Content Accessible Through Periodic Checks

If there is any content on your website that has never been tested for accessibility, either because it's new or because your website hasn't been audited before, start here.


Accessibility research mobile apps

Research on the accessibility of apps Which accessibility settings do the Dutch really use on their phone?


Creating e-learning that can be used by everyone

Due to the pandemic, wherever learning is happening at the moment – whether in workplaces, universities or schools – it is happening remotely.

Accessibility Personas

Persona Spectrum

Why we need persona Spectrum? Something wrong?