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Using the Focus Order

Establish your product's focus order sequences and focus items

Focus Order in Stark allows you to establish the sequences and order in which a user accesses elements on your product. This is especially necessary for individuals that can’t (or choose not to) use a mouse to ‘tab’ through your product instead.

Demo of creating a sequence in Stark

Creating Sequences

Sequences are the group of order items that you set. You'd typically set sequences per screen on applications or even per section of a website.

Demo of attaching a focus item to a sequence in Stark

Order Items

Order Items are the annotations you add to identify interactive elements within each sequence, ensuring customers access your interactive elements in an order that makes sense — otherwise there is essentially no navigation or wonderful journey through the product.

Interactive elements are buttons, input fields, links (be it text or an image), and more. All of these items need to have an order set so a user can navigate easily.

For instance: If you have an iOS Splash screen with a Skip button up top and a tutorial, you'd want the Skip button to be annotated first—giving users the option to do so first, rather than needing to navigate through the entire screen

Using Focus Order in Stark makes it easy to hand off this information engineers to code. From that change alone, customers will no longer quite literally be lost on the page with nothing to interact with—adding a ton of cognitive overhead and confusion—resulting in not just a confused customer but probably a customer you just lost.

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