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Using the Vision Simulator

View your entire design in a variety of vision types to properly test

So you’re at the point where you need to see how your design looks for a variety of vision types? We’re glad you’ve reached this step!

Running the simulator

You can access the simulator in two ways:

  1. Click on Plugins > Stark > Vision Simulator

  2. In Adobe XD or Sketch, you can select your artboard and hit Shift + Cmd + U on Mac or Shift + Ctrl + U on Windows

Image shows the Vision Simulator with Blurred Vision selected from the dropdown menu

On the Simulation tab, you have the option to choose which artboard to simulate, pick the zoom level, and select which simulation you’d like to view.

There are a variety of simulations you can test, but do note that Blurred vision is currently only available on Sketch and Figma. (Bringing it to Adobe XD is on our roadmap!)

Our (colorblind) lead designer, Tregg, wrote a blog on why simulations are perfectly imperfect.

Generating the simulations

After viewing the different simulations, you can switch over to the Generate tab and the plugin will create the desired simulations as additional artboards.

Image shows the Vision Generator with Blurred Vision selected

Just select which simulation(s) you’d like generated and then press Generate. You should then see duplicated artboards (or frames, based on your platform) which are named based on the simulation applied.

Image shows multiple artboards in Adobe XD depicting different colorblind simulations that were created from the Vision Simulator
Things to note
  • Stark will generate any gradients or colors, regardless if they're in a shape or text. However, the Vision Generator currently doesn’t work on images.

  • Sketch and Figma will put newly generated artboards to the left of the board it's simulating. Adobe XD automatically moves artboards to not cover any existing ones.

All simulations are available for PRO users and those on the Free plan can simulate Protanopia, Deuteranopia, and Tritanopia. Free users also have 3 tries with the Generator.

Ready to enjoy all Vision Simulator has to offer? Upgrade to PRO!

Have any questions about using the vision simulator? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or via the support bubble in the lower right corner of this page.